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Matt and Shelby | Abbotsford Portrait Photographer

As you may or may not know, I decided, rather last minute, to go to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. I bought my ticket less than 24 hours before my flight departed Edmonton! I'm usually not a last minute decision kind of person, but I just knew that I needed to go.

Sunset at the Tulip Festival

After a less than eventful flight, I touched down at the Abbotsford airport, picked up my rental 2018 Chevy Equinox (which I now would like to own in the future... it has built in Wi-Fi!) and met up with Matt and Shelby.

It was really sweet that we met at this time of year. I was there on their two and a half year dating anniversary, and May 12 is their wedding anniversary.

The tulips were absolutely amazing. The size of the flower heads were nothing like the tulips in Edmonton. Some of the heads were the size of pears! And the colours! Everything was absolutely beautiful and surpassed my expectations.

We made it to the festival with just a few minutes to spare. Matt and Shelby had both gotten off work before we all jetted off. A huge shoutout here to the cashier at the festival who still let us buy our tickets with 2 minutes before closing! I wish I had gotten her name!

After we had been shooed out at dusk by the head gardener, Matt and Shelby decided that we needed to pay a visit to Rocko's diner. Or, for all you Riverdale fans, Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Definitely worth the hype, folks! I would absolutely love to come back just for a Riverdale themed session (please!).

Abbotsford, you are beautiful. You were a much needed mental break from Edmonton, and I feel recharged and inspired now more than ever. I hope I can come back next May for the Festival again!

Here are some of Matt and Shelby's anniversary session! Thank you both for being such gracious hosts during the work week! Feel free to visit anytime! The coffee pot is always ready to go.

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