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Mackenzie & Dane's Banff Engagement | Beaumont Portrait Photographer | Banff, Alberta

I'm sitting here this morning, in my fuzzy Harry Potter pajamas, drinking my second (or is it my third?) cup of coffee, thinking about when it was warm and almost summer. Back in June, Sam and I drove out to Banff to meet up with Mackenzie and Dane, who were in Banff on vacation.

Sam, my second shooter, jumped at the chance to come to the mountains for a day, and we spent the majority of our south bound trip throwing ideas on where we could possibly shoot, and we came up with a list. I knew that I wanted the Banff Springs Hotel in the background of some of our photos - how could you not? I also thought that maybe Lake Louise would be a fun place to grab a few shots, especially if we could borrow a canoe for all of ten minutes. As we entered the park, we decided that we needed to make a quick refueling stop for both my car and for our coffees, and before we knew it, we were back on the road, headed west.

After we hit up Lake Louise, and then down the road to Moraine Lake, we made our way back to town, and found the downtown locations, as well as the spot where we wanted to set up with the Banff Springs in the background. I kept calling it the Chateau Frontenac, only because both castles were designed by the same person and look very similar. Don't at me.

The next day, we met up with Mackenzie and Dane at our first location. Something about the way that the light filters through the mountain air, something about the way that they look at each other... It was absolutely magical. All I was thinking as I was shooting was "Holy shit, they look like they walked straight out of a faerie tale."

I am so obsessed with these photos.

Once we wrapped at our first location, we agreed to meet at Moraine Lake. which is just over an hour away from where we currently were. So, Sam and I grabbed a coffee and a quick bite to eat, refilled my gas tank, and grabbed a couple bottles of water before we hit the road.

When I had last been to Moraine, in 2020. I had no idea that the rock pile was the infamous lookout point. I tightened the straps on my sandals, and up the pile we went, stopping to admire the view and plan shots for the way down. We spent a good hour or so at the top, taking all sorts of photos. Mackenzie's dress was a vintage dress passed down from her grandmother, and that little detail just added such a beautiful touch to the photos.

After this set, I knew I had one more shot that I wanted to get, back in the town of Banff. We met back up in town an hour later on the main road, on the meridian and watched as a bus came at me for the final shot of the day. No regrets

I am *so* fortunate that our paths crossed! And I can't wait to photograph your wedding this summer!


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