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Style Guide

Welcome to the Veronica Vintage Style Guide! We'll go over basics of how to prepare for your portrait session, as well as what to expect during and afterwards.


Why you should dress up for your portrait session: because you can!  There is nothing wrong with pulling out a new flowy dress or a nice pair of slacks.  Your portraits are going to be displayed in your home, and feeling beautiful and confident during your session translates into your portraits.


You should co-ordinate your outfits, and try to not be too "matchy-matchy".  Remember the family photos from the 90s when everyone wore denim on denim? I do.  I have one of those family portraits, and it is VERY 90s.  I suggest picking a couple base neutral colours and having everyone use those colours to plan their outfits.


Choose your patterns carefully! Things like stripes, plaid, and floral are great if one person in your group decides to wear them.  Try to avoid bright colours and crazy patterns to create a more cohesive look to your portraits.


Add visual interest with different layers! Creating texture with your outfits makes for portraits that are interesting for the eyes.  Layer a chunky knit cardigan over a cotton shirt and jeans for an effortlessly chic ensemble.



The best colours for summer are:

  • white and tan

  • teal and orange

  • white, tan, light blue

  • green, yellow, blue

Summer is best for your warmest colours


The best colours for fall are:

  • maroon and brown

  • tan and denim

  • denim, crimsom, and yellow

  • cream, navy and tan

Fall is best for all sorts of layers.  Get cozy!


To make you pop from the backgrounds in spring, choose:

  • white and blush

  • white, navy and yellow or light blue

With new blooms, we want to highlight both you and your location!


For winter, choose:

  • crimson and navy

  • glitter and white

  • grey, black and red

  • green, rose and copper

Pull out your sweaters and get ready to shoot outdoors in the snow!


Choose items that aren't too tight, nor too baggy.  You should feel comfortable and not worried about tugging your shirt or pants through your entire session.

Keep your accessories simple.  As Coco Chanel once said, take one piece off before leaving the house. 

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