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Vacation 2019 | Slice of Life | Beaumont Photographer

In 2019, I took a much needed vacation from my day job. I had run myself into the ground, and I was absolutely burnt out. So I called my best friend Zoe in Bonnyville, and asked if she wouldn't mind having me up for a week. Thankfully, she said to come on up. I cleaned my little North Glenora apartment and drove up in early October, before Thanksgiving. Her mother-in-law, Deb is the sweetest lady and invited me over to their farm that week as well for an early Thanksgiving dinner.

Not only did Zoe and I get up to our annual canning weekend, where we made our homemade salsa with her bumper crop of tomatoes, but we helped moved cows from one pasture, across the highway, and into another. I rode along with Ben, her father-in-law in the truck.

I am eternally grateful to Zoe and Kurtis, and Kurtis' family. 2019 was a hard year for me emotionally, and I am so glad to be welcomed into their homes whenever I make the three hour drive up. Here are some of my favourite shots from when we moved the cows, as well as some more nature-y photos I went out and got one evening.

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