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Smokey Sunset Session | Beaumont Portrait Photographer

Back in August 2018, wildfires burnt through British Columbia, and I was working for a national passenger rail company here in Edmonton. Somehow, I managed to get enough time off to be able to drive out to visit Marina of Marina Christine Photography. While we had originally planned on driving out in the late afternoon to go to the Bowden Sunflower Festival, it turns out that the time we were planning on leaving was only about 20 minutes before the site closed for the day. And the drive from the Edmonton area to Bowden, Alberta, is almost two hours.

So, with that in mind, we drove around the grid roads around Spruce Grove for about an hour before we found an empty field that was absolutely perfect. I guess there was something about the sunset and the smoke and the way that the good old Alberta farmland rolls across the horizon that made us stop and run into this field.

These are some of my favourite portraits of Marina from that night

We both brought out our cameras, so here are some portraits of me, courtesy of Marina!



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