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Sister Session | Beaumont Portrait Photographer

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Last July, as I headed out to babysit two young ladies that I have been babysitting since the eldest was all of nine months old, I decided to bring my camera with me. I had also brought a bag of fake butterflies, fresh flowers, and a little makeup (what little girls doesn't want to play with makeup?). Once the three of us got to the park around the corner from the house, we wandered into some tall grass near a walking path, and we started clicking away. It was a wonderful way to spend a couple hours of screen-free quality time together before running home and washing up for snacks and bed time.

I've been sitting on this session for so long, mostly because I had gotten really busy with training for my job at the airport, as well as having photographed a few weddings in October, and then having a few boudoir clients in November and December.

Now with this time off, I finally have enough time to attack my to-do list.

These two young ladies are some of my favourite people. Last weekend, after visiting my parents and my brother, I bumped into the eldest who was walking their family dog. I miss being able to see them all the time.

Here are some of my personal favourite photos from our little photoshoot!

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