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Nikki & Shane - Fall Wedding | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

What is more beautiful than all the colors of Autumn? The reds, oranges, golds and deep greens. I’ll tell you what: LOVE. Not even a touch of gloomy weather and rain could keep their love from shining through on this shoot, and man — did it ever! (AND LOOK AT THEM!!!)

Nikki and I have worked together creatively for the past three years, and when she asked me to photograph her wedding, there was no possible way I could say “no”! Nikki and Shane made my heart sing and we had an absolute blast on this shoot!

Stunning in her hand made dress beside the man she loves, we frolicked around the University of Alberta North Campus barely noticing the rain, and hey, they say rain is good luck for weddings!

Please join us in wishing this amazing couple our heartfelt congratulations!

Second Shooter - Samuel Thompson

Location - University of Alberta, North Campus



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