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Homegrown Love | Chantal & Ted's McLennan Wedding | Beaumont Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I come from a very large, very French Canadian family. There are quite a few traditions that we celebrate at home, with my immediate family, which mostly revolve around foods and the holidays (my mom seriously has the best tourtiere recipe going). There are, however, a few traditions that I had no idea were actually a real thing, like the bucket dance at a wedding.

When Chantal sent out the invites to her wedding, I offered to shoot her day for her if she didn't have anyone booked already. All I wanted was a piece of cake, since Chantal runs her own baking company and makes amazing cake creations.

So at the end of August, I ran home, grabbed my bags and my camera, and met up with my parents at their home before heading north to McLennan. I think I slept for 90% of the ride up. My uncle runs a gravel pit out there, and has spent the last few years building where he wants to retire. There's a huge outdoor kitchen, a massive bonfire pit with hanging swings around it, lots of room for all the kids to run around, as well as a camp, a bandstand, a river to float down, and lots of activities to do.

I don't get to go visit often - but I really wish I could change that.

After Chantal and the girls were all ready to go, the five of us drove from in town to the gravel pit. I've never seen a bride drive herself to her own wedding before, but there's always a first for everything!

Once we arrived, Chantal set up her cupcake tower (that she made herself, and were SO good) before the ceremony started.

Once the dinner plates had been cleared, the band struck up, and the dancing began!

Before too long, I heard murmuring of a bucket dance. I know, I hear you, what is a bucket dance? Well, in a French Canadian family, if a younger sibling marries before an older sibling, then the older sibling has to dance in a bucket in front of everyone. I had no idea that this was a thing. I know, someone take away my French card.

And, since Dominique is the eldest of his siblings, and unmarried, he had to dance in the bucket.

He was a good sport about it.

The night progressed with lots of dancing, lots of laughing, and way too much fun. Of course, what is a pit party without fireworks!


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