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Fields of Gold | Outdoor Boudoir with Kirsten Hardie | Beaumont Alberta Boudoir Photographer

"Did you want to go and frolic in a field this week?"

I had no real plan when I texted Kirsten, other than lets go find a field and take photos during golden hour. The last time that we had done the same thing was back in 2018 when I was working at the train station, and had all of 4 hours before my callback time. This time, I knew we had as much time as we needed and as much time as we wanted.

Golden hour in mid July is usually between 8pm and 9:45pm, so when I say I ran, I ran. Emily and I hopped in my car and sped off to the north side of Edmonton to pick Kirsten up from work before heading north on the Henday, towards where we had shot in the canola fields on Highway 15, when we shot in 2018.

The rules are always the same: don't break the crop. Basically, don't trample the crops, don't damage the crops, and make it seem like we were never there. A lot of these shots were taken on the very edge of where the canola was planted, and for the few shots where we look like we were in the canola, we were maybe a couple rows in, after parting the plants so we wouldn't step on them.

Our wheat session had the exact same rules: DON'T BREAK THE CROP.

It was me. I fell. I broke the crop. I wasn't even moving either, I just lost my balance in the dirt and faceplanted. And Kirsten had my camera at that point and decided that that moment needed to be documented forever. So here I am, in all my ungraceful glory.

This seems to be a recurring theme, my falling when there's no build up. Just like my fall at Irene Parlby Park, I went from upright and conversational to on the floor. No injuries this time, however.

I'm hoping to find a farmer willing to let me use their field this year, so if you're interested or if you know someone, please let me know!

I'll leave you with this golden shot from our session, that perfectly sums up Kirsten's sarcastic personality:


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