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Enchanted Ever After Styled Bridal | Edmonton Wedding Photographer | Beaumont Alberta

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Spring finally came to the city! I absolutely adore when the cherry trees in the River Valley and downtown bloom, and since our cherry blossom season is so short, I knew we had to move quickly on it.

Michelle Bossert from Enchanted Ever After, a local wedding gown designer. set up this session with our lovely model Emma Cappa, and we met at Irene Parlby Park, downtown Edmonton.

I knew that we needed to showcase the beautiful gown that Michelle created, as well as the cherry blossoms, and Emma herself. Sam and I walked around the park for about 15-20 minutes, looking for our perfect spot, and I ended up taking a faceplant after I literally fell off the side walk. Thankfully, my landing was half on the grass, so I really only scraped up one leg, and even at that, it wasn't that bad.

I hope that Emma and I get to work together again in the future! I had way too much fun.

Sam got some great shots, but of course, he has NO SENSE OF SELF-PRESERVATION. I swear, he gives me heart palpitations every single shoot. And not in the good way. This time, we grabbed the stool from my car, and he hopped right up, getting some great overhead shots. Anything for the shot, am I right?

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