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Dayna & Robert's Love Story | Beaumont Wedding Photographer | Beaumont, Alberta

Dayna and Robert were such a wonderful couple to work with. Once again, Sam and I packed into my little hatchback, and drove just outside of Sherwood Park on a beautiful morning in June. Out on a beautiful piece of land, we met with Dayna and Robert for their engagement session (and their dog!)

It was right before the weather decided to crank up to eleven, and right before the wildfires started, so the morning was still relatively cool and clear.

These two. I just can't. I knew at this point that their entire wedding album was going to be one of my favourites from the 2021 season.

With July, came the heat and the smoke this year. The week of the wedding, I noticed that the smoke was getting worse and worse. Thankfully. on the day of their wedding, the smoke dissipated just enough to give us stunning sunset colours.

Another faerie tale session! Just the way that the two of them look at each other is enough to make me believe that soulmates exist.

Wishing you many, many years of happiness ahead.


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