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A Christmas Miracle! | Tara & Rob's Wedding | Beaumont Wedding Photographer

In mid-November, I was approached by Elevate Aviation to work with a local couple who were unable to have the wedding of their dreams due to Covid. Of course, I jumped at the chance because everyone deserves beautiful wedding portraits!

The plan was set, and Sam and I had our game plan for where we were going to photograph... and then the week of the photoshoot, we got hit by harder restrictions in Alberta, and our location called off letting us on site. I was a little panicked, so I fired off a round of emails to see if there was any way we could get on site to photograph at some quintessential Edmonton landmarks. And when asked, Edmonton rises to a challenge. I love this city.

After Tara's hair and makeup was done, and Rob had in his kilt, we headed to the Edmonton Streetcar Barn in Old Strathcona, and Derek let us on the Osaka Car to photograph inside. Once we had all the shots of inside the car, the barn doors were opened and we photographed in front of the Osaka Car. As we were thinking of getting our last shot, Derek told us we could also open the door of the Original Edmonton car and photograph in front of it too!

As we left the Barn, we zoomed down Whyte Ave to La Cité Francophone, in the French Quarter of Bonnie Doon. I played telephone tag with one of the higher ups, but we ended up not physically connecting. (Still, I think it was all good that we were in the atrium). I've always loved the red lines in La Cité, and knowing that Tara's favourite colour was red, I knew that this location was going to be a hit. They had decorated for Christmas, and their spiral staircase was the perfect backdrop.

We decided to take a short break at this point, and went and grabbed a bite to eat before heading to McNally High School and walking down the path a little to get the Edmonton skyline at sunset.. At this point, the four of us were freezing and decided to call it a wrap.

I am so honoured that I was chosen to photograph this special day, and it couldn't have gone to a more well deserving couple. Thanks for coming out (and freezing with us!) Tara and Rob! And thank you for bringing your little furbaby Merlin!

Team Credits:

Hair and Makeup: Viking's Edge Bridal

Second Shooter: Sam Thompson

Organizer: Elevate Aviation

Locations: Strathcona Streetcar Barn, La Cité Francophone, McNally Viewpoint


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